Backup Your Data! Western Digital Silver Partner

Special Offers

FULL service on your laptop or PC for just 99,00 Euro

What is included:

  • cleaning cooling fan and cooling radiator on CPU
  • cleaning cooling fan on Graphic Card – if you have one
  • new thermal compound on your CPU
  • scanning hard drive for possible viruses and virus removal if we find some
  • copying your files (pictures, music, movies, .doc, xls files ec)
  • reformatting hard drive
  • hard drive check – for bad sectors
  • reinstalling Windows and all drivers
  • installing all latest Windows updates
  • installing another software ( on your request ) like Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java, codecs, etc.
  • installing free Anti Virus software or another on your request. We recommend Kaspersky Internet Security
  • copying your files back to your PC.
  • If your computer is more than 2 years old and you have never done that before we highly recommend that you do it to prevent overheating CPU and often motherboard.


    After FULL service your computer will work faster and cooler.