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Data Backup

Most of people keeping their files (data) only on laptop or desktop hard drive.
What happened if your hard drive dies ?
Your files die with it !!!

If you run business

and have no backup solution just try to imagine your day on which you hard drive die. No contacts, no contracts, no files, no emails - NOTHING. Your done.

We have great value Network Attached Storage Backup Solution (NASBS) affordable for every one small or medium business.
NAS backup solutions for small and medium business are cheaper than you think, just call for details.

If you are private user

and you keep all your pictures, music and some school or projects on your laptop or desktop.
How would you feel knowing that all the pictures, iTunes, and maybe months of work on some project are gone already today?

You say: "I have warranty for it".
OK. The manufacturer or seller will give you brand new hard drive with apologies but they will NOT recover your files, except you pay them a fortune.

Remember you can easy buy another hard drive but you can not recover your files if the hard drive dies. Ohm, I'm sorry, you can but for at least couple of hundreds of Euro.

Don't let it happened to you!
Backup all your important files before is to late.

One of the good solution is an external hard drive, where you can copy all your files from you laptop or desktop. But please remember any hard drive, whether internal or external is an electronic and mechanic device which can die any time. Almost always unexpected.

The best solution is to keep the really important data in two different kind of copies.

  • external hard drive
  • DVD discs

Two copies are better than one. DVD discs, if you keep them in dry and dark places, will keep the data up to 7-10 years. We recommend that you make another copy of DVD disc every 6-7 years.

You don't know how to do that? We will be glad to help you. Just ask.

Remember!!! Your memories and works are something special, pictures from Wedding, Honey Month Trip, growing kids, school or work projects, etc., that is something what you can't buy if they gone. If they gone, they gone.

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